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Corporation Name

Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

Head Office

3-6 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044 JAPAN

Date of Incorporation

April 12, 1963

  1. Planning, production, distribution and sales of movies and technical services for movie productions
  2. Enforcement rights attached to movies, and representative, mediation and agency business thereof
  3. Planning, production, sales and rental of software for images concerning TV programs and commercial messages
  4. Development of character goods, and enforcement and agency business of merchandising rights and appurtenant rights
  5. Planning, production and sales of designs for toys, convenience goods, clothing, posters, sporting goods and fashion goods
  6. Planning, production and rental of character suits
  7. Representative, mediation and agency business of advertisement and broadcasting
  8. Publishing
  9. Planning, production, sales and rental of DVDs and videos
  10. Planning and production of masters for records and videos, and publishing of musical scores
  11. Planning, production, sales, and export and import of the sound and visual recording products of music and images for CDs, MDs, records, recorded tapes, video tapes and video disks
  12. Agency business for orders, purchases, shipping, export and import procedures and collection of bills of the fore going products
  13. Acquisition, transfer, acceptance, lending and management of property rights such as copyrights for images, music, literary and arts
  14. Developing and managing the use of musical works
  15. Planning and management of shops dealing with the sound and visual recording products of music and images
  16. Planning, hosting and operation of events
  17. Planning, development, operation and contract construction of facilities and temporary facilities of parks, amusement parks, the me parks and resort houses
  18. Designing and installation of special art effects
  19. Operation and rental of amusement facilities and restaurants
  20. Planning, production, sales and sales representative of computer software and hardware
  21. Planning and production of computer graphics
  22. Information services via the Internet
  23. Planning ofwebpage on the internet
  24. Gathering, processing and sales of information by communication system
  25. Planning, production and sales of e-Books
  26. Planning, production and sales of online contents
  27. To engage in any and all other business incidental or conducive to any of the foregoing
Amount of Capital

JPY 310,000,000

Matters Concerning Officers

Chairman Hidetoshi Yamamoto

President Takayuki Tsukagoshi

Board Director Shinichi Ooka

Board Director Makoto Shibasaki

Board Director Tetsuya Shigematsu

Board Director Yusuke Fukuda

Auditor Kenichi Ozawa

Auditor Atsushi Soneoka

Executive Officer Junko Mokuno

Executive Officer Kei Kurosawa

Matters Concerning Registration Record

Relocation of Head Office from 3-6 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044 JAPAN